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Undergraduate Course Facilitator Training & Resources (UCFTR) -- for DeCals and other student-initiated courses

What we do

Designing, proposing and facilitating a 98/198 (aka DeCal) course for your peers is exhilarating, intellectually and personally challenging, and vastly rewarding. The Undergraduate Course Facilitator Training & Resources (UCFTR) office provides support, guidance and training to all Cal undergraduates interested in or currently facilitating DeCals or other student-initiated courses. UCFTR services are predicated on our belief in the power of ideas, the unique value of each student's experience, and the potential for the classroom to be a site of engagement and innovation.

The UCFTR Director also serves as a campus liaison and informational resource to students, staff and faculty with questions regarding any aspect of student-initiated courses.


Formats of Service

StartUp Workshops

Wondering how to start a student-facilitated course of your own? Start-Up Workshops address the most important deadlines, requirements, policies and pedagogical issues for undergraduates interested in starting a student-initiated 98/198 course.

How to Sign-Up

Workshops are 90 minutes, and offered several times each semester.Attendance is limited and pre-registration is recommended. Click here for a current schedule and registration link.

Individual or Group Appointments

Appointments available to undergraduates interested in or currently facilitating a student-initiated course.  For those exploring the possibility of starting a 98/198 course, individual or group appointments are recommended as follow-up after attending a Start-Up Workshop, or for those who cannot make a scheduled Start-Up Workshop. For current Facilitators, appointments are welcome at any time to discuss any topics related to your course.

How to Sign-Up

To arrange an appointment, e-mail the UCFTR Director, Elizabeth Keithley, at

Craft of Facilitating (Education 197, Section 12)

Designed specifically to prepare and support undergraduates leading DeCals or similar peer-facilitated classes, The Craft of Facilitating provides undergraduates opportunities to explore and practice course design, lesson planning, and classroom facilitation. Participants develop their teaching philosophy and pedagogical style within a supportive community of fellow peer-educators. Students receive either 2 or 3 units (p/np), depending upon whether they are planning or concurrently facilitating a peer-facilitated (DeCal or similar) course.  This course is approved for the Undergraduate Minor in Education.  For more information visit the Craft course page.

How to Sign-Up

Contact UCFTR Director Elizabeth Keithley, for more information and to request CCN.  Priority will be given to students concurrently planning or facilitating a 98/198 class. 

Classroom Observations

Classroom observations are available to undergraduates seeking support or feedback with their facilitation techniques and a constructive perspective on classroom dynamics.

How to Sign-Up

To learn more about this service or setup a classroom observation, e-mail the UCFTR Director, Elizabeth Keithley, at

Campus Liaison Questions

Students, staff, and faculty are welcome to call or e-mail the UCFTR office with any questions or concerns.  Individual or group appointments are available in person as well as by phone or web-based platforms. 

How to sign up

Phone: (510) 643-6090  E-mail: